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Why Was My Video Flagged?

To prevent illegal use and to protect legitimate license holders like you, the music we control has been digitally fingerprinted and registered with various partners. This includes YouTube’s Content ID program (administered by AdRev) and TuneCore.

Digital fingerprinting technology allows music to be tracked across various platforms so that legitimate and illegitimate uses can be distinguished.

The unfortunate part to this system is that platforms often cannot make a distinction between legitimate and illegitimate uses until videos are manually checked. Since illegal use of music is a massive problem and illegitimate uses outweigh legitimate ones, they use a guilty until proven innocent approach. While we don’t necessarily agree with this method, changing the system itself is beyond our control.

If your video is flagged, please do not panic! Your account still remains in perfect standing and your video will still be allowed to remain in place. So what happens? On YouTube Monetization earnings from your video will be retained until cleared and on Facebook portion or all audio will be muted until any third party claims have been cleared. When it comes to advertising revenue on YouTube, once your video is cleared, any ad revenue collected will be returned to your account.

Clearing Your YouTube Video

If your video has been flagged on YouTube and you have licensed music from King’s Crown Productions directly or via AudioJungle (for author Tim McMorris only) we can assist you in clearing YouTube Third Party Copyright Notices quickly and easily! 

To get your video cleared please fill out and submit the form at the bottom of the page. Once we have your information we will submit it on your behalf. Claims are often times removed in less than 24 hours once they have been received.

As you have a valid license, you are also able to challenge the flagging of the video yourself directly within your YouTube account should you choose. Here is more information about disputing a claim directly on YouTube.

PLEASE NOTE: We are closed on weekends and for Canadian holidays. Claims submitted during these times will be processed on the next working business day.

Pre-Clearing Videos No Longer Possible

Unfortunately at this time we are no longer able to automatically pre-clear YouTube videos. This is do to a change in AdRev’s policy and they have removed the capability from their online portal without word as to when or if it is coming back. We understand you may have received outdated information from AudioJungle and arrived here to pre-clear your video and we apologize for the inconvenience! We are in the process of updating all info to be current. To be clear, if your video does get flagged we CAN help get it cleared quickly and efficiently.

Channel White-listing

Due to a recent policy change, channel whitelisting is not longer available at this time. If flagged, videos must be cleared on a video by video basis.

Clearing Your Facebook Video

IMPORTANT: In September 2022 Facebook made significant changes to their copyright detection algorithm which has led to a significant increase in flags from the platform.

At this time there is no tool for us to release any automatic claims made by our partners (we can only clear manual claims made by us). Third-party claims must be challenged directly within your Facebook account.

To clear any facebook claims, please follow the instructions below:

1. Navigate to your video page.
2. Select “Your video is partially muted due to a copyright match”.
3. Click the “See details” button.
4. Click the “Continue” button.
5. Facebook will display a notice about how copyright works. Click the “Continue” button again.
6. More info about how copyright law works will be displayed.  Click the “Continue” button again.
7. Next it will ask what you would like to do. Select “Submit dispute” and click “Continue”.
8. The next prompt will ask if you want to submit a dispute. Click the “Open form” button.
9. On the next page, select the box “Licensed content” and under additional details write “I have a paid license from (King’s Crown Productions, Envato Elements or AudioJungle depending where your license is from) to use this music from Tim McMorris / King’s Crown Productions Inc. on Facebook, and can provide proof of license on request.”. Click the “Submit” button.
10. Click the checkbox at the bottom of the form to state you agree to give the rights holders permission to view the submission.
11. Click “Close”.

Still Need Help?

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