Within film, television, radio & on the internet, we endeavor to inspire a generation by creating the soundtracks to life’s many moments — and with enthusiasm we push creative boundaries towards the impossible.

About King's Crown Productions


We love to create music that captures the imaginations of its listeners — and we love empowering creatives to connect with their audience in ways that make their projects unforgettable.



KCP is perhaps a little mysterious, as we are a company that is more often behind the scenes of a project (and we quite enjoy it that way!). Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions.



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King’s Crown Productions | Our Specialties

Since 2012 when King’s Crown Productions was incorporated, we’ve been involved in many different areas of the music and media world. From music production to licensing to sponsoring creative events, we like to stay engaged in this exciting ever-changing industry.

Production Music

Production Music

Gone are the days when production music was synonymous with repetitive and simple creations with poor production values.

Since 2012 KCP has been creating world-class cutting edge production music that has been featured in major motion pictures, television ads, radio programs and a plethora of other media forms across the globe. 

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Music Licensing

Music Licensing

Music licensing has taken a variety of forms over the years and has in many cases become very complicated to say the least.

In 2016 we acquired productionmusic.net, and in 2017 plan to launch a clean, easy to navigate music licensing boutique that features an exclusive music catalog with affordable, easy to understand, project adaptable licenses.

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Inspire your audience with the right music, and you will have won their attention for the entire project.
Tim McMorris

Some Places You’ll Find Our Work

With over 65,000 licenses sold spanning across every continent, we’ve been honored to have our work used by some of the most recognized companies and brands on earth.

Brand recognition isn’t everything of course, and we’ve been just as passionate about the smaller scale projects that we’ve had the pleasure of being a part of.

Below is just a very small sampling of the many places our work has been used:

Commercial (The World Is One)
Music (Fall In Love Again)

Commercial (Spanish Tourism)
Music (This Is How You Advertise)

LG Ergo Monitor | Designed Around You
Music (Just Feel The Beat)

Short Film (YouTube)
Music (Live & Be Free)

Commercial (malafeev16.ru)
Music (Give Our Dreams Their Wings…)

TV Promo (Brazil)
Music (On Top Of The World)